Waiter, there's test in my dev! - Øredev 2014

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This week I completed my first talk at a major developer conference, Øredev in Malmö. I found it both nerve-racking and exciting in the lead up to the talk, but once I got started I soon settled in and concentrated on the content.

I was extremely fortunate to be able to do this talk with Ben Kelly, an experienced tester and fellow development team lead. His experience of doing these kind of talks was invaluable.

So, onto the talk. Ben and I have worked together for the past year and in that time we’ve done some things to try and build a healthy relationship between developers and testers. Our talk covers this relationship, starting out with the conflicts that some teams encounter before moving onto the way we set up teams, and through to the practices we do day-to-day.

Finally, we give developers and testers a few small things which they can take away to help bring there own testers and developers together.

So, here it is. My first real conference talk. Feel free to critique, offer advice and suggestions.

Also, let’s continue the conversation - how do your testers and developers work together? What works and what doesn’t?