I'm new to this, what do you recommend?

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Recently I was asked what resources I would recommend for someone moving from an engineering role and taking on a management role. Many people become a manager without clear training and development plan in place from their employer.

“Congrats - you’re now a manager. Good luck!”.

In this environment, finding your own sources for development is critical, yet, there’s so much out there that it can be challenging to know what to prioritise.

Even if you do have the support and development plan in place from your boss, there’s still value on discovering alternative resources for information to help you develop your own approach to management.

I hope to give you some help with this through a series of blog posts covering some of my favourite resources for learning and development. I’ll list out some of the books, websites, communities, conferences and people I look to for inspiration, advice or growth. 

Each post will be included tagged with #newtothis on my blog, so over time, my hope is to build up a series for you to refer back to.

And throughout the series, I want to hear your feedback. If you disagree with a selection, let me know! And if I’ve missed your favourite, please tell me - I’m always on the look-out for new sources of inspiration.

Here are the lists: