9 months! Really?

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It’s been almost nine months since my last blog entry. I’ve never been a prolific writer as you can see this in the gaps between posts. I think I’ve found the reason why.

Recently I came across the article Speed Matters by James Somers. Right there, in the second paragraph of the article, Somers summed up exactly my relationship with this blog:

“If every time you write a blog post it takes you six months, and you’re sitting around your apartment on a Sunday afternoon thinking of stuff to do, you’re probably not going to think of starting a blog post, because it’ll feel too expensive.”

I feel seen.

Each time I’ve thought about writing a post, the idea comes into my head, I make a start and then it doesn’t get finished. Or in the rare case it does get published it takes me hours or weeks of refinement and editing.

Each time I go round this loop, turning my next idea into text becomes harder to do.

I’m not about to say I’m a changed man and that you can expect daily posts. However, I will aim to work more quickly, worrying less about getting the content just right before hitting publish.

And as case in point, this post only took me 10 minutes from idea to publishing. Start as you mean to go on.